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HD Night Vision Wrap Around Glasses

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Lenses Color
C1 Black Yellow
C2 White Yellow
C3 Black Gray



Do you often drive at night, hazy or rainy day? Are you an athlete, a biker or are you into other outdoor activities that can pose a treat to your safety and requires some sort of eye protection or vision enhancements?
Have you often been swindled your hard earned money by ignorantly buying substandard quality night driving glasses that end up turning into a huge disappointment?


Are you still on the lookout and still hoping that you can get it right someday by buying a most efficient and effective night and rainy day driving sunglasses that will stand the test of time and give you a 100% Satisfaction in terms of quality and durability? If you have "yes" as an answer to at least one these above questions, then you must consider yourself a quite lucky person as you read this.


Introducing HD-Night Driving Glasses. An excellent way to stay safe behind the wheels in the middle of the night, even as all the headlights of all oncoming vehicles are all focused directly at your face, they all get filtered to give you a clear night vision with all the road details crystal clear to your sight.


You simply cannot do without this if you want to remain 100% active at night on the road. This product is also ideal for athletes, bikers, cyclists, hikers, climbers, just to name a few.
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  • 100% POLARIZED LENSES. Polarized lenses reduce glare from the headlights of other vehicles, pavement, and other reflective surfaces by filtering light coming from different angles. These special lenses make colors and objects appear clearer, so you can see every detail of the open road. Note that some companies claim to sell polarized glasses, but in fact their glasses use regular non-polarized lenses.
  • STYLISH DESIGN makes Grand Gears glasses a favorite for drivers, sport athletes, motorcycle riders. The frame, Designed in Milano, epitomize Italian elegance and ingenuity.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME gives you preferred comfort and a semi-rimless frame design allows for an unobstructed downward view with UV400 Protection. Grand Gears flexible frame also enables them to be worn over most prescription glasses.
  • BEST LIGHT ENHANCING LENS tint (Pale Yellow Lenses). Enhance contrast in low to extremely low light conditions, haze, etc. Some of our customers say Grand Gears glasses combat eye fatigue, reduce drowsy driving at night and maintain your focus on the road.


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