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500ML Ionizer Glass Water Bottle



Improve Your Water, Improve Your Life!

Our 500 ML capacity pH IONIZER portable filtration bottle is the smallest of our alkaline ionized water range.

We developed pH IONIZER because many of our customers reached out to us asking for a travel sized water purifier bottle that would ionize & alkalize their drinking water anywhere, anytime, so they can experience the many health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water, & its silky smooth, & odourless taste.

  • Improve hydration, energy levels, mental clarity, immunity, & general health & wellbeing by drinking pH IONIZER naturally filtered ionized alkaline water.
  • Structured & oxygenated micro-clustered water molecules help to alkalize your body, detoxify, slow down the aging process & aid in weight loss.
  • Self filtering purification system producing high antioxidant & pH water, reducing inflammation & acidity, which can prevent & eliminate disease.
  • Long-life PH003 filter cartridge includes 8 best quality purification materials. Anti bacterial balls remove bacteria, as well as prevent bacterial growth. KDF removes chloramine, chlorine, arsenic, copper, lead & other heavy metals. Diatomite ceramic balls reduce fluoride, & add minerals like calcium.
  • pH IONIZER drinking water pH levels increase up to 9.5 with our high alkaline balls. Potential balls reduce negative ORP (Oxidization Reduction Potential). Negative ion ceramic balls stop micro-organisms growing, & reproducing, while improving smell & taste. Maifan stones re-mineralize water adding zinc, iron & calcium.
  • Hygienic one hand operation flip-top lid specifically designed for active use, travel, sports, & survival enthusiasts.
  • Made from high quality heat resistant Tritan plastic, to avoid plastic seeping into your bottled drinking water. BPA free.
  • 25 ounce (750ml) capacity.
  • Includes condensation wicking neoprene carry case with adjustable shoulder strap, hand strap & belt loop, as well as a pouch large enough to carry your smart phone, keys, credit cards, money and headphones.


Filter Replacement Guide:

We recommend replacing your PH003 filter every 255 cups, 16 Gallons, or 60 Litres. The average person consumes 68 Ounces (2 Litres) per day, meaning each PH003 filter will last approximately 1 month (30 days).

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